It has been a busy year for LNT Solutions in the USA. Building on our commercial success in the harsh winter climate of Canada, word is getting around about our “top-of-the-pack” GEN3 runway deicer and the message is starting to stick. Saving money across the airfield, AMS1435 certified and approved for use by the FAA, successful field performance tests in Portland, OR; Baltimore, MD and most recently Minneapolis, MN are giving other airports the confidence to change their specifications to allow these dramatic benefits of innovative products like GEN3.

These tests have proven beyond doubt that airports don’t need to continue to compromise on high annual cost, created by airfield maintenance issues and aircraft brake safety associated with 50% Potassium Acetate products. The latest airport to be added to our growing list of progressive customers is Trenton, NJ. From a logistics perspective, our US manufacturing capability is tailored to meet exacting customer requirements and we haven’t had a delivery failure in over 5 years; that said we will not be getting complacent!

As the famous saying goes, “Without data you are just another person with an opinion”. The results are in, so we now have the data to clearly demonstrate the performance benefits and huge annual cost savings that GEN3 will bring to our customers. This is an exciting time for us and our customers.