LNT Airside Solid is a fast acting sodium formate granular deicer that is virtually dust free and has a long shelf life due to its low water content.

It is ideal for use on all airside operational surfaces as well as landside applications. LNT Airside Solid meets the strict requirements of AMS 1431C.

Key Benefits

Solid granular blend of Sodium Formate
Fast Acting – Melts snow and ice on contact
Economic – 1 kg covers up to 200 m2
Effective down to 0°F (-18°C)
Application rate 50% of urea
Can be applied with existing spreading equipment
Does not deteriorate under heat
Low toxicity to vegetation and aquatic life
Readily biodegradable
Nitrogen and phosphate-free
FAA-approved specifications for use by commercial airports and military bases.
25kg or 1000kg bags
AMS 1431D approved