Magic Ice Stop is used to prevent tracks and points jamming as ice forms between the moving parts, the most common casue of distruptions. In the past once a de-icer had done its job it evaporated or dripped off the tracks, allowing ice to reform. But Magic Ice Stop is sticky and once it has melted the ice it stays put to prevent more ice forming.

Magic Ice Stop prevents ice bonding to metal and glass surfaces for up to 72 hours in conditions down to -30°C. Iy is also effective as a straight de-icer. As with all Magic de-icers, Magic Ice Stop is non-corrosive to metal and concrete and will not harm plant or animal life, important factors in why Ice Stop is favoured for railway infrastructure networks world-wide.

Key Benefits

Prevents switches and couplings jamming from ice
Sticks in place after use to prevent more ice forming
Prevents ice sticking to electric rail and affecting contact
Exceptional holdover
Easy on pumping equipment
Easily biodegradable and non-toxic