Gen3 Liquid Runway Deicer formulation is new technology chemistry that offers outstanding performance levels and also resolves the airport and aircraft corrosion issues caused by traditional potassium 50% de-icers.

Conforming to SAE G12 AMS 1435 certification, GEN3 reduces brake decay and wiring oxidation whilst offering a cost effective, non-toxic and biodegradable solution. Furthermore the formula, which combines polyols with a variety of organic salts and bio-based additives, does not have any glycols in its make–up ensuring friction improvements are maximized on active runways and taxiways.

Key Benefits to Airports

Runways open longer • Fewer delays and cancellations • Fewer Trucks.

Lower application rates • Ice residues dissolve quickly • Friction values rise quickly • Runways open quicker

Keeps runways open longer • Increases safety for aircraft

Saves rust protected galvanised steel • Reduces maintenance costs.

No more shorts on GPU plugs • Reduces corrosion to GSE and aircraft.

Key Benefits to Airlines

Solves one of biggest airline concerns • Reduces maintenance costs • Extends life of carbon brake assemblies • Increases safety for aircraft.

Does not corrode cable seals • Does not corrode cadmium plate • Reduces maintenance and replacement costs

Runways open faster and longer • Lower GSE maintenance costs • Savings for both airports and airlines.