LNT Solutions, based at Garforth, Leeds, will supply its Ice Care range for runways to the Canadian Air Force as it battles to keep flights moving in temperatures as low as minus 40C.

The North American air force was attracted to the Yorkshire manufacturer’s product because of its dual ability to effectively de ice at low temperatures while having minimal impact on the environment.

Ice Care has been developed to be less corrosive to runways, aircraft and support vehicles which in turn mitigates both airport and airlines costs.
The three year deal is worth Can$300,000 per annum and beat other leading deicing suppliers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Kelvin Williamson is president of the LNT American operation and was responsible for signing this deal and developing the brand in North America.

He said:

“We have worked hard in the recent years to establish the brand as reputable and delivering on two highly critical fronts for airlines and airports.

While climate protection is key all users are now looking at the environmental impact these products have. LNT Solutions Ice Care is not only effective at low temperatures but also at protecting aircraft, runways and support vehicles so that maintenance costs are mitigated.”

Lawrence Tomlinson chair of the LNT Group said: “LNT Solutions has worked hard to develop effective and environmentally safe solutions to some of the most difficult conditions faced in the world.

“This deal proves we have achieved recognition for our work to target for the future.”