The divestment marks part of LNT’s strategic plan to focus on developing longer term customer collaborations through innovative deicing products alongside its on-going programme of expansion into new markets.

Matt Lowe, LNT Chief Executive, said:

“We’re delighted to have found the right partner in Nachurs Alpine Solutions to take forward our runway deicing operations in North America. Whilst we had grown that part of LNT Solutions to serve the North American market, it had become increasingly divergent from the rest of our business. The sale to Nachurs Alpine Solutions allows us to continue to invest in our research and development, keeping LNT at the forefront of the industry.”

LNT is expanding its market presence into Russia and Asia, and is continuing to develop long-term relationships on the back of innovative new technologies in its North American and European wing deicing businesses. Building on long-held relationships in Europe, LNT is also working with partner airports to develop innovative recyclable runway deicing solutions.

Matt Lowe continued:

“We have seen a lot of success in our North American runway deicing business but our focus has to be on investment in new technologies. LNT is known in the industry for our forward looking approach to deicing and for us, wing deicing is the most exciting element of this strategy.”

LNT has retained the rights to its ground-breaking GEN 3 runway deicing product outside North America to enable them to continue to offer a suite of solutions to partners.

Jeff Barnes, CEO of Nachurs Alpine Solutions added:

“Nachurs Alpine Solutions has a long history of offering high quality chemical solutions to a range of industries and customers. This acquisition allows us to further build upon over 15 years of experience in airfield and transportation deicer chemicals. It represents our ongoing focus and commitment especially to the runway deicer segment, an area of strategic importance. Nachurs Alpine Solutions will continue to invest to offer innovative products and solutions to our customers.”