LNT Solutions (‘LNT’) today announced they have agreed to supply Airside Solid to Boise Airport (‘Boise’) for the sixth consecutive year. Having first started working with Boise in 2011, LNT supplied 200 tons of Airside Solid to Boise last year. Following a successful competitive tender, LNT will continue to work with Boise.

Averaging over 500 flights per day, Boise relies on its deicing suppliers to keep the airport operational during times of inclement weather. Last year was a particularly busy year for the winter operations team at Boise with a 20-40% increase on usual Airside Solids required during the season.

Kelvin Williamson, President of LNT Solutions, said:

“We’re very pleased to be supplying to Boise again in 2016. Over the past five years we have worked with Boise, LNT has always supplied them on-time, and in fact, most cases within 24 hours. They were very pleased with LNT’s performance so we are glad our bid remained competitive so we can continue to grow our partnership with them.”

Guy Shadiow, Airfield Maintenance Manager, Boise Airport added:

“LNT Solutions has had a strong relationship with our airport for the past 4 years supplying us with their solid runway deicing chemical, IceCare. LNT communicate very well using several mediums making sure to get in touch before a large event is projected for our area, prior to holidays and other events to ensure we have enough product on hand and are prepared. We get a lot of freezing rain/snow events in this region and this product is a great tool to help us to keep our runways and taxiways safe. I would recommend LNT as a supplier to any airport that requires solid deicer for its runways and taxiways.”

LNT Solutions is a key player in the North American deicing market, now supplying 50+ Airports and Military bases.